Is it bad? Or really good?

Wouldn’t it be great, if everything in your life came out good? Experiences, people, events all worked in your favor and were pleasing to you. No arguments, fender benders, diseases, and many petty annoyances just disappeared or faded away? You might say that is only possible in fairy land, or maybe in a drugged up state, but that couldn’t happen to me??!! What if I told you the practice of yoga (all encompassing on the mat, and off the mat) would bring that to me? What if I told you that along the way of practicing yoga, that your very thoughts and perceptions about the world around you, started to change, and change for the very good? That might be a difficult thing for the mind to process, but yes, I can tell you in fact, it does change. Experiences you once labeled as “bad”, now are “good”. People you once disliked, now become friends. Food that you hated, became something you craved.

This is what I’m experiencing now with my yoga. Maybe this might interest you, and you would like to find out how to change your “bad” into “good”. How does it start? By stepping into the studio, onto your mat, and finding out how yoga really works. You will get the information on how yoga works by taking our very popular series, yoga 101, starting in August, or even better, teacher training next February. It’s not just exercise. It’s not just a yoga booty. It’s so much more rewarding than those, although those things come with the practice of yoga. It’s just wonderful, and it makes your life wonderful. Come join us for the practice of yoga……


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