Inversion Why’s

There has been a host of studies recently put out on inversion therapy,  but, if you ask any regular yoga practitioner, they would whole heartily agree without seeing a speck of proof.  After practicing inversions for 10 years, I can’t imagine a week going by without inverting.  I like to focus on how I feel after I invert.  I feel happy, contented, and full of peace.  Remember, when you feel good, you are healthy.

Inverting takes gravitational pressure off the nerve roots and disks in your spine and increases the space between vertebrae. While most people my age are shrinking, I have grown 2 inches since hanging from the hammocks.  Inverting also boosts our immunity, aids in sleeping, realigns the spine after workouts, boosts creative thinking, increases feelings of happiness, and improves lymphatic system functioning.  What to read more?  Check out this article on inversion.

What I think is interesting is archeologists have found evidence that some humans were inverting for health benefit as early as the Stone Age!   You may be surprised to learn that several secret societies throughout history practiced various forms of inversion therapy to keep their bodies strong and to increase their mental capacity. However, these clandestine societies practiced their inverting rituals covertly because it gave their members a significant advantage over their competitors and their enemies! These early practitioners of inversion therapy included the impressive Yogis of ancient India and the Ninja warriors of ancient Japan.

However, inverting is not for everyone.  In general, I have found people who compliment the hammock classes well tend to have some yoga background, but that is not always the case.  I recommend having a strong base of yoga practice.  In yoga practice, the body starts to invert gradually, and the systems get used to the head below the heart.

Looking forward to seeing you upside down!!


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