Inner strength

One of the many reasons I love to teach yoga is helping people find their own “inner strength”.  At first, yoga is pretty difficult.  It takes some working on your part, (consistency in practice) just to become  familiar with the postures, and the sequencing.  After becoming comfortable with the different postures, then the real work starts.  You begin to notice postures that once left you gasping for breath, now you do easily, with a comfortable fluidity.  Slowly, your body begins to open and respond, becoming stronger.

Yesterday, I was teaching a class, and I asked if anyone had requests.  Someone chimed in “Arm Balances!!”.  Off we went to the wall, where we used the stability of the wall to help us.  Everyone in that class performed a pretty awesome arm balance, that most had not previously done.  You see, they had taken the above steps in first of all, becoming consistent to a yoga practice.  Just showing up.  Someone even mentioned, “Wow, I have a really busy day, but I’m not going to miss yoga”.  They had taken the above steps to allow the yoga to begin to work in their body.

In the end I mentioned that yoga practice is not about doing an arm balance.  It’s about killing those thoughts that sell yourself short.  How many things do you tell yourself, that your not strong enough, capable enough, or smart enough?  As you explore postures on mat, you realize that you are strong, smart and capable.  That you do have an inner strength, that will carry you through tough times.  This is one of the greatest gifts of yoga.

So…..come.  Sometimes it takes just the right person to speak powerful and strong messages to your inner being for you to realize your inner strength.  I am that person.

See you on the mat  🙂


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