Inner Nudge

As I look back on my life, I realize at crucial points, a received an “inner nudge” from my heart. These inner nudges and strong visions help shape our lives into the best version of ourselves.  I believe these inner nudges are always good; in other words, always seeking us to live out our highest potential.  As soon as our intuitive vision brings forth an idea, the brain kicks in with critical thinking and reasoning.

I’m all for thinking over a problem, seeing different sides, and different possibilities, except when the brain talks us out of it.  Let’s say, you’re really in love with yoga.  It makes you feel wonderful, every time, everywhere. Your heart murmurs, go ahead, sign up to take teacher training.  However, as soon as that tiny thought comes forth, more stronger excuses from the brain arise.  They might say,  “You’re too old”, You’re too ________ whatever”, or “we don’t have enough money”, or I don’t think I can do it.  And so, you live your life, never really finding out your true potential.

It’s like having good and evil on your shoulders.  The good says, you should try this, the bad points out every reason not to do something.  The problem arises when these inner nudges come from the heart, and we let others, or ourselves talk us out of doing something.  When we don’t listen to the heart, it closes off, both physically (the shoulders rounding forward) and spiritually (depressed or angry).

I came across a study recently.  It was about people who were close to dying, and they asked those people, if you could do your life over, what would you have changed?  They mentioned it wasn’t those things that they did, that they could change, it was the things they DIDN’T do, that they wished they did.  The dreams unfulfilled.  So, my challenge to you is this….What will you regret at the end of your life?

See you on the mat,

Paula Bortolotto

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