In Balance

One would think that business owner of a yoga studio would be carefree, happy and balanced.  Yet as I look back on 2015, I was anything but that.  I let work consume me.   The drive to succeed pushed me past my limits, and I found myself  late last year feeling “off”.  You know that feeling, where something just doesn’t feel quite right in your body and mind.  When I listened, to my inner voice, it cried out for balance.  I pushed tasks off to other people, scheduled days off, and did what pleased and nourished me.  This is what rocks my world…. going out for a motorcycle ride, with no particular place to be,  Walking in the woods, flying on my hammock at home, doing my yoga practice, or just cooking up a storm.  Now, I can see what a better place I’m in.  In the fall, my body felt tight, constricted.  Today, I am in better balance, ; I’m open, flexible, and my strength is at full force.  My breath is full and deep.  I can’t wait to go and teach.  I look forward to each and everyday, and the joys, and challenges it brings.

How about you?  Are you feeling at full capacity? Do you feel like you have the energy of a teenager?  No?  Well, my friends, make a shift.  Do the thing that nourishes you.  That brings a smile to your face, and makes you grin like the Mona Lisa.  Being in balance means that every night you drift off to sleep like a babe, and get at least 7 hours of sleep.  Being in balance also means you have a strong immunity, and are not bothered by a sickness.  All it takes is a shifting of priorities.  Come on, make a shift with me…..  🙂

In fact, when I googled the images for balance, guess what it brought up?  Yes, Yoga!!  It will help you find, keep and stay in balance.

balancing on the mat,


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