Importance of Lightness

Many days in the summer, I choose to ride my scooter to the studio.  Coming out of our neighborhood, I have to “trip” the light for traffic to stop; allowing me to make a left hand turn.  I’ve began to notice something pretty spectacular.  Some days, I’m just not heavy enough to trip the light; I wait and wait for the light to change, but nothing happens.  Some other days, there is no problem;  I trip the light, and off I go.  The difference I believe, is my thoughts.  Some days, I have many thoughts about stuff; the studio, family, plans, worries, concerns.  On those days, I’m heavy enough to trip the light. On other days, I feel light; my thoughts are all wonderful, my cares and worries are dissipated, a smile is on my face, and you guessed it:  I don’t trip the light.

You see, this is how yoga works!  The very definition of yoga is “yogas chitta vritti nirodhah”.  Translation:  Yoga is stopping the mental fluctuations of the mind stuff.  If your thoughts are not going in the right directions, they impact your actions, making you create more bad thoughts.  The practice of yoga allows you to “release” these negative thoughts, and therefore you become light, carefree, happy.  Have you noticed when everything is going well, how happy you are?  And likewise, when things are not going well, you don’t feel quite right.  Circumstances in my life have pushed me to interesting limits, and I’m finding a new lightness in my step because of this hardship.  You ask, how can I be light, when things aren’t going my way?? I realize, these hardships will come to past, that I’m more than what tries to “weigh” me down.  I’ve got big plans.  I plan to help everyone I can find their own LIGHT through the practice of yoga.

See you on the mat,


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