Human connection

Human connection

Before yoga, I enjoyed being “off the grid”.  For me, I didn’t want to spend hours trudging through emails, or looking through Facebook, or connecting electronically.  Maybe I was just a little afraid, that if you would really see who I am, you might be repulsed.  I looked ok on the outside, but inside I was a picture of the walking dead.  Often I felt like that.  But, yoga practice changes you.

I began to really look forward to seeing my yoga friends, everyday at practice.  I felt like I belonged, even though I couldn’t do many of the things;  I did work towards them.  It felt really good to be a part of a community, that was working towards some of the same goals I wanted in my life, although I didn’t know it at that time.  Health, happiness, and spiritual connection was a big part of what drew me in.  Yoga practice really became a vehicle to carry me to those places, not simply a work out, or a way to finally “achieve” this pose.  I need my yoga community to help me when I felt discouraged, because I knew they were working towards the same goals that I was.

I knew this time of isolation would shed many layers for us all, and reveal the goodness and light that we truly are.  That we are not alone.  And, as much as yoga is a self practice, we NEED each other to lean on, and support us.  We need to stay connected, and check on our neighbor, and see my yoga community.  Yoga has dug out that animal that is in pain inside of me, and allowed who I really am to shine forth.  That part of me which is full of light, and wants to connect with each one of you.  That I’m worthy individual, and that I might have something to share, and something to learn from each encounter.

All these years later, and yoga has dug its way inside my very being, and removed the hardness, the isolation and fear that was inside of me.  That first week of quarantine, I felt all of those feelings return.  But, then Oh that feeling, when we started connecting virtually, took my breath away, and made my heart soar with sheer happiness!!

I have finally arrived.  What I seeked to create what not just simply a yoga studio, but a YOGA COMMUNITY.  A yoga family that cares, supports, lifts and in a way that only family can, is there when you need them most.  Truly, that many have continued to show up virtually, practiced with their family members; I will be forever grateful.  Words cannot express how I truly feel.  I cannot wait to give you a big hug, when we are on the other side of this!!  Staying socially connected, however we do that, will help us live a long healthy life.

See you on the mat,




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