Holding Space

It’s funny. How our life can directly affect others. That was my thought as I gazed upon the wonderful landscape mother nature painted with the snow. Each limb of a tree has to carry its weight with the snow and ice, however big or little. It’s kind of like your family.

When I signed up for teacher training many years ago, I worried about the time spent away from my family. It was summer, the kids were out of school, and we had the best of times together. I didn’t want to be away from them, but I really felt such a strong pull for this training. As I look back today, it was very necessary and right for their growth that I took that training then. You see, as a family unit, everyone is kind of strung together, and we are all moving ahead as one unit. The strength of one of us, can help pull the load of the others, much like the trees in this picture. The short time I spent away from them that summer became very real and necessary to form the wonderful people that they are to this day. The lessons that I learned from yoga transferred to them.

Thank you Tom, Zack, Andrea, and Jacob for giving me the time that summer. I will always remember that.

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