Heal Yourself

This past weekend, I did a cleanse.  Not your typically cleanse, where you change your eating habits, but a throat cleanse.  For one day, I did not talk, I did not watch TV, or read books, or listen to music.  I did do a lot of meditation, and inner listening.  Inner listening is like visiting your best friend, who is much wiser than yourself.  This intuitive “voice” is always trying to guide us, but often we cloud our minds up with other things, such as other peoples’ words, TV, and social media.  We visit this wise friend when we lay on our mat in savasana, or meditation at the end of yoga class.  This was hard for me when I started yoga.  After a couple of minutes in savasana, I began to move and twitch, trying to signal my teacher that it was time to move on with my day.  Frankly, I didn’t want to listen to my wise friend, I didn’t know I even had one.  Luckily, for me, she didn’t listen.  (Thanks Teach!!)  When we allow all our distractions to fall away, we become much clearer in our direction we choose to follow.  We strengthen our vocal chords, and boost our hormones and thyroid production.

This was my intention, and I’ve got to say, out of all the cleanses I’ve done, it was somewhat difficult.   About mid morning, my throat began to hurt.  It hurt all day.   (thus reaffirming my intuitive voice that said, “your throat is healing”- let it be)  I ate nourishing foods, walked, but mostly listened.  After going to bed early, I woke up this morning totally refreshed, and ready to use my voice again, with no sore throat.

My intention for this cleanse was to clean out the clutter of my voice. I want my words to bring hope, love, and uplift others.  My voice will not harm others, but give them strength and courage it takes to change yourself.  And yes, it did just that!!

Looking forward to teaching you this week!



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