Gratitude…pass it on.

As I passed a neighbor she remarked, “Well, it’s about time we saw the sun”.  That got me to think….We have no more right to a sunny day, than we have breath in our body.  Everything is truly a gift that comes our way, from our family, friends, breath, jobs, and down to our numerous “possessions”.  This is what the practice of yoga & meditation does.  It opens us up to see clearly.  Before yoga, I felt entitled.  I expected a beautiful day.  There is nothing wrong with expecting good things to come to us;  except, when things don’t go your way.  When you feel entitled, it brings a certain level of expectations.  When those expectations are not met, we get discouraged, easily putting ourselves down, or others down.

When you approach everything that comes to you with gratitude, you no longer get slammed when expectations are not met.  You do not have days when you are feeling up, and then come crashing down.  You live in the middle, with gratitude.  Let me tell you, it’s a nice place to be.  🙂

So, what have you given thanks for on this day?  Take a moment, (and that was a gift!) and recount the numerous blessings on just this day.  Not only will this change your physical body, but you will become someone that people want to hang with; full of light.

With deep gratitude,


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