Going Deep

Going Deep

Yoga works beautifully from the level you are, as you step onto your mat.  Slowly, it begins to remove the darkness, pain inside of us, out into the light.  For when we see things as they really are, there is no ignorance. There are many levels of ignorance, and in the yoga journey, Swami Satchidananda, says we must let go of an old ignorance, and get a new ignorance in it’s place.  For if the yoga/healing happened all at once, our nervous system would not be ready to handle that type of dramatic healing.

After a time of practicing, you begin to feel better.  But, once the body tastes the benefits of regular practice, there is no stopping it.  The body/mind is seeking liberation;  just like every plant on this earth grows towards the sun, seeking light.  The body and mind rebel if left not growing toward the light and begin to slowly wither away, allowing pain to creep back in.  What does all this mean to us?  We need to take our next step.  We need to replace one level of ignorance, for a better level.  We need to “up” our game of practice.  Here are some different ways to “super charge” your yoga.

  • Try a different yoga teacher
  • Try a different class
  • Meditate
  • Try a hot infrared class
  • Sign up for yoga teacher training
  • chant
  • Learn to fly with aerial hammock yoga

All of these will work, some faster/better than others to get the results you want.  Many people have asymmetry in the hips or legs;  meaning one is higher/lower than the other.  One of the best ways to get rid of asymmetry in the hips is the hammock practice.  By using the hammock to hang by the hip crease, it opens up that vital region, from the pelvis down through the legs.  People who start hammock sometimes ask me, why does this hurt here, or why am I bruising?  The hip and pelvis combine to transfer the forces from two legs and into the one spine and therefore has a hugely complex role to fulfill in the body.   It is one of the most vital important energy lines in the body.  Releasing here, can strengthen and invigorate the body towards lasting health.  If the hip crease is tender there, or bruises, the energy is stuck.  Our body no more wants to hold onto this pain/darkness.  It’s simply growing towards the light.  Are you ready to be light?

See you on the mat, (or in a hammock)





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