Gift of Health

The gift of health cannot be overrated.  Ask someone who is sick, and above all else, they value their health at the top.  We all want good health, but we are not really sure how to get there.  Good sleeping patterns, good nutrition, and proper exercise are things we can all do to stay healthy.  I’m not interested in being healthy, I’m more interested in THRIVING.  Having tons of energy to go about my day, making an impact on others, and taking care of myself are top priorities.

My answer?  Yoga.  Since doing yoga everyday for 15 years, I have not caught a cold, virus, or flu ever, during those 15 years.  That fact alone, speaks to yoga’s effectiveness.  But something you may not be aware of, is the health of your internal organs.  Everyday, your lungs filter the air you breath, everyday, your liver and kidneys wash your blood, and keep you healthy, and your brain works to write, function everyday.  We don’t think about these things as being vital, until they are not.

Your body is a network of energy lines.  In Eastern medicine they explain it as chi, or meridians.  There are 12 major meridians that function together to keep you healthy.  You can think of those as highways.  Lets look at the liver.  Everyday the liver does 500 essential tasks to keep you going.  The liver meridian starts at the outside of the big toe, runs through the arch of the foot, and goes up the inside of the leg, groin.  When it meets the pelvis, it flares to the outside of the hip, through the side of the ribcage,  and ends below the breast.  If I were to trace this line, pressing into acupuncture points along the liver meridian, you might be surprised at how “ouchy” or sensitive these points are.  This is exactly where  Traditional Chinese Medicine would treat liver dysfunction, along this “highway” of the liver meridian.  These highways sometimes get chocked, and the energy becomes stagnant in the liver.  It becomes sluggish.  Yoga poses that stretch the inner groin, and side waist are in essence, clearing the congested traffic in the liver, so, it can function exceptionally well.  Overtime, this brings you great health.  This is how yoga works.

So, this year, instead of a new purse, or item that won’t last long, give the gift of health.  Anahata has made this easy, by teaming up with the areas best healthy places.  We call it, New Year’s wellness plan, Get well, Be well, Stay well.  Come to Anahata, and experience yoga everyday, and tell me how much better you feel.  Boost your brain power and function with aerial yoga and inversions.   Experience a flotation therapy session at Mason Skin Clinic and Float Center.  Boost your immunity and clean your body out at Cincinnati Fit Body Detox with a colon hydrotherapy session.  Give the gift of health, the gift that keeps you going.

See you on the mat,


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