Flexible or Not?

Some people might think you have to be flexible to take a yoga Teacher Training course. Well, I wasn’t, and I know of many people who weren’t as well. Some people might think that they can’t get through a summer intensive yoga course, well, I did. I was pushing on the doors of 40, had a hip injury that made it painful to run, or bike and I wanted the pain to be gone for good. After trying a lot of healing modalities that didn’t work, I enrolled in a yoga teacher training course for 1 month in the summer. At the end of that month, I have never felt so good in all of my life.
Looking back, a 9 month program would have never worked for me. I was lazy, and probably wouldn’t have done yoga everyday in between monthly sessions. I had to practice everyday, for the yoga to take hold. It was a lot of yoga, a lot of information about yoga, but it fueled my desire to be well. Not only did I make myself well, by my family well too.   Enough said……

Lets do yoga together friend!


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