Finding Your Voice

From Yoga Teacher Training……

After purifying your throat through the practice of yoga, and when one is firmly rooted in satya (truthfulness) every thought, word and deed is THE TRUTH.  Let me tell you a little of how yoga has changed me.

  • Before yoga:  I complained.  About the weather, current circumstances, minor inconveniences, etc.
  • After practicing yoga:  I slowly began to quiet my thoughts, and not complain
  • Before yoga  My actions were for myself, for the gain of me or others close to me
  • After practicing yoga:  I started shifting the focus from myself, to serving or pleasing others, planting good seeds.
  • Before yoga:  I talked about others
  • After practicing yoga:  I still talked about others, but in flattering ways, that would bring others up and not down

These things did not happen overnight, but a gradual shift in my body, as the yoga took hold.  I noticed as I “cleaned” up my thoughts, that my body naturally began to realign, my posture becoming better and better.   I noticed many other changes, that began to assert themselves, all for the good.  I also noticed relationships around me getting better, almost without any effort on my part.   Now, all of these years later, I began to understand why my teacher taught yoga in this way.  It opened my throat up.  It allowed me to really see the truth, as it was.  Yoga has brought me to live fully in my truth, slowly, but surely.

In Satya,


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