Feel Good

One day, when I was watering the plants in the vestibule, a lady came out of the dentist office to ask me a question.  She asked if I followed feng shui.  She said the studio felt really good, and she was wondering why.  I said I knew of feng shui; I did not follow the strict rules of that modality, but followed the energy in the studio, and created it to feel good.  She furthered asked if I followed a book or “knew” how to follow energy.  No, I can’t say I’ve done much reading on energy, but what I know comes from being intuitive, and that comes from the practice of yoga.  I know how important it is to not only feel good today, but take steps to feel good tomorrow.  Also, I know that if it “feels good” in the studio, you will have an easier time of letting go of your tension.

You know how powerful this practice is.  Say, for instance, you are worried about something.  You think about that, until it drives you crazy.  In odd moments of being quiet, you let worry manifest.  Until you step on your mat.  The teacher begins to guide you to listen to your breath, move, and release tension.  You realize after yoga, that problem is not really so big.  You find solutions, so that worry no longer guides your days.  Your more at peace.  When your at peace, you feel good.  When you find the solution to feeling good, you follow it.  And that my friends, is HOW I’ve created Anahata;  to feel good.

Clients have had deep releases here, especially during a teacher training; you go to these deep places of holding, and have the opportunity to release deep seated tension.  Afterwards, you are lighter, healthier.  This is possible because I’ve created it to be.   Would you like to go this deep?  Look into our yoga teacher training program. This journey is not only about teaching, but healing the soul, from the inside out.

Feeling good today and tomorrow,


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