Family Stays Together

One of the things I just love about this studio, is this sense of community.  Recently, my class consisted of  sisters, husband and wife, and mother and daughter.  Of yes, a family that does yoga together, stays together.  Kind of like being on the same page.  That wasn’t always the case with me.  When I went into yoga training, and afterwards, I really encouraged my husband to start a practice.  My concerns fell on deaf ears at the time, however, when someone in the family shifts, everyone is affected.  As I kept on practicing and feeling better, my husband could not ignore the “little pains” that happen when you get older.  Finally, he relented, and went.  He became a consistent 2 to 3 week times, yoga practitioner.  And yes, you guessed it, the pains in the body just disappeared, and I found him really looking forward to going.  It’s awesome to share this journey together, and it has spread to my kids, where, I’m sure it’s just a matter of time, before all of them have a regular practice.

Sometimes, everyone in the family is ready to shift at the same time.  Often, somebody has to make the first move.  The key to yoga is consistent regular practice.   Is everyone ready to shift in your family, or even your circle of friends?  Join up, and do the family loves yoga pass, only available in the next couple of weeks.  Are you ready to make a shift?  We have the 10 class pass on sale now, and also the 6 class Ariel BAT Yoga Pass.  Now is the time to begin your journey to wellness.

See you on the mat,


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