Expectations are psychological killers

Expectations are psychological killers.

If you think about it, we expect many things.  We expect our car will work when we put the key in it to start.  We expect to see food in our cupboards.  We expect our home to be there when we arrive.  We expect to see our loved one coming home from work.  The biggest of all, we expect our body to remain healthy as it ages.  Nothing in this life is guaranteed, not even our yoga practice.  We expect to be as open and flexible as we were yesterday, but today, our body is completely different.  Over night, we processed emotions, used our body in different ways, and felt different things as we moved through life.  Literally, our cells are different than yesterday’s cells.

My yoga practice has taught me this.  When I expect things to happen, and they don’t, I get angry.  I just do.  But, when I come from a place of extreme gratitude, of every moment, of every day, a switch throws.  I go from craving to satisfaction, from anger to contentment, from expectation to peace.  I realize that everything, everyday is a unique gift, even the gift of my body.

I’ve hit a deep groove in the road with my yoga practice.  Over the past year, I’ve lost some ability to do poses with some grace and ease.  However, I know this is temporary, and it’s my current state of thoughts that I’m overcoming.  The more I step in gratitude, practice, the more my yoga becomes at ease.  Expecting to be in the same place as we were yesterday is just wrong.  Also, what is wrong thinking, is this;  “Well, I used to do wonderful backbends, but now I’m older, and I just shouldn’t do those anymore”.  Yoga overcomes anything, even getting older.

With yoga practice, the effects are cumulative, and build over a long time.  That is somewhat bad news for those of us who are impatient.  We want results NOW, but yoga practice teaches us patience.  We come on a regular basis, we practice with great joy, and let go of our expectations.  We realize that knee pain might have been building in our body for a very long time, and it will take some persistence to get rid of it.  We shouldn’t expect it will go away overnight.  That is why it’s even more important to keep your yoga regular, even when life calls, “It’s summer!, come and play!”  We will be grateful that we kept our yoga practice up, because, healthy just doesn’t happen to those who are not in all the way.

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