Examine you thoughts, healing happens

Examine you thoughts, healing happens

This practice of yoga opens you up.  Yes, it opens your hips, legs, shoulders, and spine.  But practiced long enough, it begins to change your thoughts…….Before yoga, I had a lot of self doubt.  Self doubt in myself, in my actions, and who I was in this world.  I berated myself when I messed up, and gave myself a tongue lashing inside my head.  This became a vicious cycle that is difficult to surmount.  I think most of us are like this.  Even when I became a yoga teacher, I would fret and pray, that I could teach yoga, help people, and they would like my class.  All of that self doubt did nothing, except cause disharmony in my body, and tightness in my hips.

All of these years later, occasionally that self doubt monster comes out, but I don’t let him have a say.  I walk away from each job, hopefully with my head held high, that I taught a balanced class, respected people, and met them where they were on this day.  Hopefully, I planted good seeds in others, instead of bad seeds. When I do fail, and I do, I realize it, come up with a plan of action, so I can and will do better the next day.

This practice of yoga has also opened another space in my heart, forgiveness.  By examining my own thoughts, and actions, I realize when I fail.  Hopefully, I’m quick to apologize, and try to make amends.  By finding forgiveness in my heart for myself, it has allowed me to forgive others when they fail.  I realize that living your life with dignity and grace, is like climbing a slippery slope of mud.  With each step or two gained, I fall back.  Instead of giving myself a tongue lashing, I forgive myself, and know next time, I can do better, and try to extend that grace to others.

One thing is for sure, we are all here, supporting, helping, each other.  Hopefully, when we fail, we have someone around us, who can forgive us.  It’s all a big cycle.  Your actions will rub off on someone else.  The art of forgiveness will open your heart, and allow you to find peace on this day.

See you on the mat,


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