“Everything you want is on the other side of fear”

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” I think this quote was originally made by George Addair although The motivational speaker Jack Canfield usually is credited with it.
In any case, the words couldn’t be more true and have been on my mind a lot lately. On my walk with Thor this morning I was musing about how to grow, one has to become comfortable with being in that uncomfortable space. You have to be OK with recognizing you are afraid, being OK with that emotion, and moving forward anyway.
So the question becomes how do we become comfortable with the uncomfortable, the fear? One way is to experience it fully and immerse yourself in it. Adventure sports are a great way of doing that. Being afraid before a rapid, a challenging mountain bike section or a difficult climb and doing it anyway, finding the joy that is on the other side is a great way of desensitizing yourself to fear. Another, just as powerful way, is to quiet the mind chatter enough, that you can discern what is coming from your heart and what is coming from your mind. Have you ever been afraid of something and yet felt propelled to do it anyway? That is your heart space talking to you. The “observer”; that part of you that is separate from your mind and ego. It’s a discipline to learn to hear that voice and recognize when your mind is sabotaging you to keep you “safe.”
Yoga and meditation, practiced regularly will help you filter the mind chatter from your heart. Come join the journey!  Wednesday 7 pm Anahata Yoga Center.
We’ll be playing a bit with fear, opening the heart space, and finding the quiet this week.

See you on the mat,


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