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Upon reflection, there is not one part of my life that yoga has not touched and made better.  Which I think is ironic, because you come to yoga with the intention of YOU.  You want to be better; less stressed, more flexible, stronger.  So you do your practice.  Let me tell you what has changed with this practice of asana.

My body, in particular my strength.  I’m steadier, stronger both in my actions and emotions.  Then I began to notice my spiritual relationship with God was changing.  My teacher used to say that one could be an atheist and practice yoga, but you wouldn’t be one for long.  Another thing I began to notice with practice is my relationships with my family.  Even though they didn’t understand why I was doing this, over time, I noticed they gave me space for this practice.  After 25+ years being married, I can’t wait to spend time with my husband.  Things that used to irritate me that my kids did, I didn’t notice them as much. In fact, before yoga I was quite irritated with life in general.  I became impatient when somebody didn’t go fast enough in front of me.  I became irritated when I was asked to do something that I didn’t want to do, and felt like I had to do it.  I was sometimes rude with others; and that is probably the short list.

As I did my yoga, and started to learn more about the philosophy, my thoughts began to change.  At first, you don’t notice much change, especially when you practice once a week or so.  When you are practicing everyday, major shifts open up.  The philosophy says what is happening around us is like a wake up call for US to CHANGE.  In other words, when situations around us anger or irritate us, it is ourselves that is angry.  When you start yoga you want to take responsibility for your energy.  Slowly this shift happens as you practice, and you began to notice changes happening.

The practice of yoga is like a mirror that has layers and layers of dirt on it.  When you start, that mirror is dirty, so bad you can’t see the beauty of yourself and others.  So you practice.  The layers of dirt began to disappear,  and you see the truth.  You see how incredible the sunset is.  How wonderful it is to see a loved one smile.  How many gifts you have been given on this day.  How lucky you are to be alive on this day.  It’s your world, but now it’s in technicolor, all thanks to yoga!  Ja Ma!

Like the picture, we have the strength and agility of a lion, but believe we are a house cat.



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  1. I love this, Paula. I’ve noticed the same things in myself. Likely, most yogis feel the same.

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