Embracing Change

Change sucks. There. I’ve said it. At the very root of my being, I resist changing, like a toddler having a monster sized fit. Yet, I have changed more in the last 4 years than any other time in my life. I’ve closed my wool business, and opened a yoga center. I’ve moved in 2 different spaces, where previously, I had rooted myself down in one spot for 23 years. Just recently, I’ve let the last kid flew the coop. At yet, here I go again, I’m changing up the studio.
One thing I have learned from change is this. Change is good. What? I just said that it sucked. Well, maybe it does a bit of both. I find that all the above change was hard in the beginning, tears were shed, as I did the resisting. But, at the end of the change, you find yourself in a better place than you were.  I am happier than ever, running the yoga center. My husband and I are having a blast with no kids in the house. I’m so happy in the house in the woods. Change is good.
As you come to the studio, you might have noticed some changing going on. I will be breaking up some spaces, rearranging the product, getting new product, new teachers, new classes. I can see it clearly. This place will be hopping, buzzing with excitement. And that excitement starts with me, and the courage it takes to make a change.
Are you ready for change in your life? Nothing changes us more than the practice of yoga. Starting tomorrow is the new yoga 101 workshop. Starting in February is teacher training. You have the courage to change; all you have to do is arrive. Everything will fall into place as it should.

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