Do yoga, stay well.

I constantly preach the benefits of yoga, but I would like to talk on how it works in the lymphatic system to keep us healthy and at full capacity.  I think it’s pretty remarkable that I have not gotten one cold, flu or virus since taking up a daily yoga practice.

Yoga is one of the best ways to get your lymph moving.  Lymph is a transparent fluid containing white blood cells and proteins—it is all around the body draining interstitial fluid from between the cells. That extracellular space is where the cells dump their wastes and where other toxins and debris can accumulate.  The body draws this lymph upwards to the collar bone area, and dumps into the circulatory system to flush.  There are filtrating stations in the body where the lymph accumulates called lymph nodes.  There are high concentrations of lymph nodes in the throat, on the sides of the neck, under the arm, or in the groin.  The lymphatic system relies on the intrinsic muscle contractions of the lymph channel walls and, to a greater degree, on large muscle activity in the body.   Yoga does this perfectly, contracting and relaxing all the large muscle groups, but aerial hammock does this better.

The hammock wraps around the body where high concentrations of lymph gather, such as the underarms, groins, and sides of neck.  Inversions help drain the lymph from the lower extremities to the collar bones, to flush out of the body.   Beneficial to the lymph are inversions, twists, as well as a more vigorous vinyasa flow.  So, lets get that lymph moving!  Check out our vinyasa flows, or hammock classes.  You might just be saying, “Gee, when I do yoga on a daily basis, I never get sick”.

See you upside down,


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