Developing your Sixth Sense

Quite often I like to walk our dog, Sparky, in public places, and sometimes we meet other dogs while on our walks.    In the past,  avoiding potential conflicts, when I saw another dog I would leash her up.   Sometimes, I get distracted, or can’t see another dog, until we are upon them.  What I have come to realize, is that Sparky can sense friendliness, in other dogs, very easily.  In these dogs, she comes up to them, wagging her tail, and they both get a good sniff, and meander on their way.  Sometimes us owners exchange a greeting as well.  In dogs, that are not open and receptive, she just simply does not go near them.  It does not matter whether they are girls or boys, it’s simply their energy, and using her sixth sense to feel them. I will say, this is a trait (sixth sense) that I have witnessed her develop over her life.  Sometimes, when she was younger, she would approach a defiant dog, and hairs would start to rise.  I would have to intervene.

Sparky has worked on her 6th chakra, her ajna chakra.  And yes, dogs, have chakra’s too!  A chakra is a place in the body where lots of nerves come together.  In Eastern medicine, a healthy chakra has vibrant colors, and spinning fast, with good health.   The practice of yoga helps your chakras spin fast.  Signs of a closed or blocked ajna chakra can be headaches, various signs and symptoms of depression, panic attacks, and many other illnesses.  Some of the best ways to open your sixth sense are yoga poses, such as backbends, and inversions.  Meditation is also extremely beneficial to opening your ajna chakra.

How often do you use and develop your sixth sense?  Some signs of an open 6th chakra are:

  • You start focusing on positive things and accept your days and path more realistically and logically.
  • You get a powerful intuitive tool which helps you to see the present situation, know about the limitations and work things in a wise and practical manner.
  • You turn more idealistic, fearless and logical with your opened third eye.
  • You can rely of self reflection, you can build your originality without any outside guidance or rule and you are open to imaginations and enhanced insight on everything.
  • With the 6th chakra or the third eye(Ajna) chakra being open, one can be more loving, better at understanding and grow up with huge consciousness of compassion.

This is simply a learned skill that you develop over time.  The practice of yoga and meditation will open this.  I can’t think of a better way to live my life.  See you on the mat,


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