Desires of the Heart

If we stop and listen, desires of the heart are stamped upon our consciousnesses to listen.  When we listen to the guidance of the heart, we go towards what our true dharma, or path really is.  I believe this creates a life of health, happiness and true contentment and fulfillment.  The problems arise when we get “caught up” in our thoughts.  One such dream of mine was to have a yoga center.  This was a dream, and you can bet my logical brain “threw” many reasons NOT to do this.   I knew better than to “give into” these thoughts that arose, but I have to say, sometimes it was very difficult.  Each year of a growing new business brought a special concern or unwise thought, that came up so strong, I wanted to run away from it.  But I didn’t.  I focused on a larger goal, (helping many people) and kept moving forward.

We all get stuck in our thoughts from time to time. The key is not to let it continue any longer than necessary. Focus on the bigger goal.  Lets say, your goal is to practice yoga.  You’ve heard that it’s good fix for that nagging back pain that has been with you on and off for many years. So, you start coming.  Within a couple of weeks, you’re really sore, tired, and sometimes, the thoughts even take you out of coming to practice.  Before long, your thoughts create easy ways for you to skip your yoga practice.  Maybe they go like this……

  • This yoga is really for “young” people.
  • I couldn’t possibly do “hot yoga”!!
  • If I flew from a hammock, I would probably injure myself
  • Maybe I should just take it easy tonight

Again, those are the thoughts that arise, but when you keep yourself moving forward towards your goal, the better you will feel.  Don’t give into the thoughts from the brain.

If this is something that you are new at, a great way to start is by simply placing your hand on your heart, listening to your breath, and feel.  When you place your hand on your heart it allows you to be in  touch with that organ that helps you feel your best, and is strong enough to overcome even the worst problem you have ever found yourself in.  By feeling your heart, you sync your brain with the rhythm of its beat, and you will understand the messages that come from the core of your being.

Sometimes it takes a little while to really get what is going on  because often your brain is sending information to your heart based on your ingrained behaviors, and it’s difficult to tell yourself that you are not feeling what you think you are.  Correctly hearing the truth from your heart can help you vanquish your issues and allow you to enjoy life in ways you never could have imagined.

This is one of those times where writing down your thoughts and feelings can help. Do they match? If not, which do you wish to follow? By choosing to follow your heart, you are gaining the strength that comes from all the love you’ve ever had. Once you feel it, that love can overcome your problems.

Understand that if you approach someone with an open heart, he or she will feel it and will most likely return a similar energy to you. That’s how relationships are born, one open heart reaching out and touching another. It’s what we all want, and it is available to you by just being willing to listen to the desires of your heart.


Go ahead, join me for yoga, and unveil the best you’ve ever been.  After all,  Anahata means “heart space”.

See you on the mat,


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