Cumulative Effect

Cumulative Effect

Little unbeknownest to you, yoga “effects” start the minute you lay down your mat.  Each yoga practice is like a little drop of water in your cup of wellness.  One little drop does not add up to much, nor does a month of drops, but take 6 months of everyday yoga practice drops and you’ve got a sizable cup full.  You can only imagine how slowly yoga will work if you just come once a week verses coming 3-4 times a week.  Here are my recommendations based on common reasons people practice yoga.

  • 1 X a week.   You are just dabbling your little toe in the water.  general flexibility
  • 2X a week.    With consistent practice you notice more flexibility, ease in everyday movement, and a little strength building, depending on what class you might take.
  • 3X a week.   Along with gains in strength and flexibility, you begin to notice a real change in the way you deal with stress.
  • 4X a week.  Strength, flexibility, ease of movement, plus you don’t seem to get that cold/flu/virus bug that is going around.
  • 5-7 X a week.  Simply put.  You Thrive.  Words cannot describe how good you feel.  After a period of soreness when you started, you have plenty of energy, and you just feel at ease, as opposed to dis”ease”.  Little concerning health issues began to drop off, leaving you quietly.

I thought of this analogy as a student had come back to practice after being gone for a time.  She originally started yoga because of plantar fasciitis.  After some months of yoga practice the pain went away, and eventually she stopped coming.  It took awhile, but eventually the plantar fasciitis came back with a vengeance.  Realizing the cumulative effects of yoga practice, she is now back to her mat.

Sometimes this is a necessary step and hurdle to practicing yoga consistently.  You really don’t think it adds up  much, until you stop, and the pain starts to come back.  I can’t tell you that yoga will cure what ever ails you, but I have heard of people using yoga only, and cancer has gone away.  When you are young, it feels like a hassle getting to the studio, but I do guarantee if you make time for yoga in your life, it will reward you many times over not only today, but in the years to come.

See you on the mat,


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