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My yoga journey

Yoga found me, just when I needed it most.  In 2003, after many years of raising kids, I needed to start to look after my health.  I started a Pilates class to tone up.  My Pilates teacher decided to take yoga teacher training herself, trying to ease the discomfort of Fibromyalgia.  After training, she moved from teaching Pilates to yoga, so thus began my practice of yoga.  (Since then she has transformed all the discomfort of that disease, and is disease free, and living a happy life)  At that time, I was practicing yoga twice a week.  Because of all the other running, cycling etc. I was doing at that time, I developed hip pain, and the only time it was eliminated was during  yoga practice.   Because I want to stay active all my life, I signed up for a month long yoga teacher training.

On the first day of yoga training, our teacher asked us how much we were practicing.  At that time, I was practicing 3 times a week…(wasn’t that enough???)   Our training consisted of 8 hours of yoga/meditation/pranayama (breathing) a day, 6 days a week.  I’m not going to lie, besides a natural child birth, it was hardest thing I’ve done;  physically, mentally, spiritually.  But it was exactly what I needed at that time.  After training, I was in a different place, with everything in my life.  Practicing yoga everyday has brought such incredible gifts to my health, family, and my circle of friends.

After 6 months of regularity, I noticed some changes.  My chronic yearly sinus infections (I had a sinus infection 1 or 2 a year;   they did linger, and were hard to get rid of) disappeared.  My energy levels regulated out.  My mood was not erratic anymore, ie:  mood swings of feeling happy one day, and sad the next.  Overall, a quiet happy contented person emerged inside of me.  The Paula before yoga teacher training, yelled and cursed at other drivers.  The yoga Paula smiled and waved at people who cut me off, (not the middle finger)!  And that hip pain?  yep, it too walked out of my life.

Yoga effects are so subtle, that it does take 6 months to a year of regular everyday yoga practice to start to change the chemistry of your body and your mind.  But it does start to change you the minute you arrive at the studio;  the effects are so subtle you might not even notice them, until you have been coming regularly.  It has changed my marriage for the better, and has improved my overall physical and mental health.  I’m so grateful for the powers that lead me to this incredible journey.

Are you ready to make changes in your life, and just want better?  Join me for a month long intensive yoga teacher training that will transform you.  Can’t wait to start this journey with you.

See you on the mat,


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