Consistent Practice

A question I get asked quite often, is “Can I just buy a package of classes for my spouse and me to share?  We can only come to yoga very sporadically.”  Yoga does not work like that.  I don’t want to take your money, without sharing with you how yoga really works, even though it is very second hand, through my pricing selections.   Yoga works when you come consistently, with joy, over a long time.  If you want to see and feel the benefits of yoga, you have to come regularly, over a time.  For some it might work very quickly, and others, it might be years before you start to feel the benefits, either way, you just keep coming.

My pricing reflects this, down to how the yoga sutras say yoga works.  I wanted to make yoga accessible, affordable for all, so each and every week, you can look at your schedule, and book yourself into class.  Something happens, and you have a very busy week, most of our memberships will pay for itself in just 2 visits per month.  Likewise, if you find yourself not so busy, you can double up on classes, with no stress that you are burning up those class passes.

Like anything, it is difficult to become regular with your yoga practice.  Life happens.  I guarantee you, if you keel over with a heart attack from stress related work issues 5 years after retirement, your former job will not care.  Self care is important, vital role we take for ourselves.  Over time, your job will appreciate you showing up everyday, because yoga practice builds immunity, and helps you stay well and perform under pressure.

See you on the mat,


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