Clean your area, clean your thoughts.

It used to be that when one wanted a specific book from the library, you would go to the card catalog.  The card catalog had a card for every book in that library;  all the information you wanted to know about that book was also listed on that card.  It is very similar to our brain, and how yoga works.  Unbeknownst to you, when you walk into a room, your brain scans the room, picking out details, shapes, colors, and placement of people and things, and actually stores that information for later use, if needed be.  A problem arises when we have too much possessions, too many thoughts, and too much to do and remember.   As a result of many items in the room, (or thoughts in your brain)  your inability to concentrate will make you stressed and decrease your performance.  This can happen in yoga, when where you practice at is not clean, or has many items competing for your attention.

That is why clear thinking affects your lifestyle and longevity, and the practice of yoga begins to remove the clutter from your brain, and clears your thoughts.  Sometimes, this is why yoga at the gym is not effective.  You hear music blaring next door from Zumba, you feel weights dropping on the floor, and the room itself might be a multi purpose room, used to store items for many different classes.  When I taught at the gym, we couldn’t even dim the lights for savasana, and even worse, people would come and go, unrolling their mats during the middle of savasana.  This makes it very difficult to meditate, relax and let go, the very reason we are at yoga to begin with.

This is why I began to do construction on the studio.  I knew with the addition of a wall, all our props would be hidden out of sight, making it easier for you to concentrate, be balanced, and relax and let go.  Now, all of the props we use for the practice of yoga will now be stored in a separate room, between both studios.  I also made both walls soundproof, so that any sound coming from the one studio, would not disturb the other studio.  This involved a lot of work, but in the end, it will make a better experience of yoga for you.

So one very easy important way we can practice yoga off our mat is to simply de-clutter our area.  Clean up all unnecessary things we haven’t used in awhile, and give them away.  Clean up your digital storage as well.  This is one of the reasons why our teacher training program is successful.  We teach you how yoga really works, and how changing your surroundings has a huge impact on your life.

See you on the mat,




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