Civilization Mistake

Civilization Mistake

Some of the ways we bring tightness/dysfunction into out body is the way we think.  For what our thoughts are, the body follows suit.  This is how yoga works.  Sometimes, a “untruth” or “meme” continues in a culture, unchecked.  Some civilization memes from the past have been, “Going to war, will bring peace”, or “Money will make you happy”.  Hopefully, most of us know these beliefs are untruths.

One of the civilization mistakes that I’m tackling on right now is the meme “You get what you pay for”.  This is untrue.  What we shell out for in money, does not equal what we get in value or trade.  Some of the very best gifts I’ve been given have been free.  For instance, I was talking to a new customer about Anahata.  I asked how she like her classes, and if there was anything else that she had a question about.  She said, “This studio was not how I thought it would be”.  I questioned her further, and she mentioned that the memberships were so inexpensive, compared to other studios.  And to her surprise, it was much nicer here, that other studios.  She loved all the teachers, the variety of classes, and the atmosphere here.  Sometimes you have to go out and experience and pay more to learn this lesson.

This is how yoga works.  This is how you can change your body.  In fact, the sutras say allowing these civilization mistakes to continue on to the next generation is planting tightness/dysfunction in our children.  This is why my pricing is so low.  I want to impact yoga’s teachings to a great many people. It’s what gets me up in the morning, and makes me work 60 hour work weeks.  If I can change just one person, with this amazing practice, just think what the world might become.

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