Bring on the Light!

Some memories are forever stamped in your mind…..Yesterday’s class was one such memory.  A client came in, who had never been to my class before.  Half way through a yoga sweat fest, our eye’s locked.  Sweat was pouring out, soaking the shirt, running down the legs.  I said something funny; I can’t even remember what, and we smiled together.  A smile says so much.  It said, “I understand”, “I see your awesomeness”, “Keep up the good work!”,  “I know, it feels good, doesn’t it?”  In that way, we connect.  We both share a moment of LIGHT!

From that wonderful class yesterday, it got me to think how incredible ALL of our teachers are.  Each one has a unique perspective on yoga, and shares their light with you.  Did you know Dan (Sat. @ 8:00 am) is a reiki practitioner? Come to Janice’s class (Thurs. @ 6:00) leave with a smile on your face all night long.  Kevin  (Tues at 8:00 pm) is really good at letting you release tension.  Diana (Tues. and Fri at noon) helps you overcome your biggest obstacle.  Carol (Tues at 7:00) wants you just to let the tension go, and be light.  Erin (Fri @ 4:30) has you dance, swirl, and find your center.  Kim (Mon. at 5:00) whisper’s “relax, you can breath and let go”.  Melissa (Tues. 4:00, Thurs. @9:30) encourages breath to energize. Hollie (Sun @ 4:30) allows you to release fears, judgements in hammock.  In Will’s class (Sun @ 6:00) he wants you to take a look at your thoughts, pull out what is not working, and manifest what is working.  Lorraine (Wed. @2:00) just sends out LOVE, and takes care of your every need, before you knew you needed it.  In Jill’s class (Tues. 5:45am, Thurs. 5:30 pm, Sat. @ 10:30 am) her positive vibe and wonderful personality are infectious.  Tara (Wed. at 7:00 pm) connects with the earth’s energy, and shares that bountiful with you.  We are saying a short goodbye to Liz, (Wed. @6:00), as she is staying home with her senior this year.  Come and practice with all teachers, Sunday, Aug. 13th, at 6:00 pm for Practice and Potluck.

Each of our wonderful yoga teachers share’s their light.  Helps all of us lighten our loads.  In that, we find our own light.  I never knew that when I underwent my own teacher training.  If you feel pulled in this direction, or even just love yoga, teaching might be your next step.  Aerial Hammock teacher training is fastly approaching, and at the start of the year, Yoga teacher training is coming up.  Be a part of the change in your own world.  Find your light, and pass it to others.

Light up your mat,


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