Priority Number one

Our society definitely puts women in a tight places.  We are expected to have careers, take care of family, friends, husbands, and not to mention a whole host of other things that fall in our lap.  This leaves us angry, depleted, and our “cup” empty.  Yoga is one of those activities that when people get really busy, they skip.  Often, we need to re-arrange our priorities to get us back into balance.

Sometimes, we miss those inner nudges of taking care of self, until  later, in 40’s or 50’s.  Often, people come to yoga practice then because they have to….I have to heal my back, or shoulder, or other problem…..But what if we recognize now, we need to take care of ourselves.  That we are a vital priority.  When we choose not to make time on our yoga mat, life has a way of choosing for us.  We get sick….That is really our body telling us to go to yoga, reconnect, heal, move the stuck energy.

Let’s take dinner.  It takes a lot of energy to think about what to cook, to get the ingredients, and have the time to cook it.  Have we not able bodied people in our family that can also cook??    When my youngest son could drive, we sent him off to the grocery for food.  Let me tell you, there are not a lot of teenage boys roaming the aisles at Krogers, but there should be!!  We gave him a budget, and told him to stick to the items on the list.  This help us, and him immensely.  He learned the where everything is in the store, learned about budgets, and healthy cooking options.  It was a win win.  It made him really confident.

From the outside of our family, it might as looked as mom or dad being selfish.  Because, while my son was shopping, cooking, I was doing my yoga.  So, ask yourself, are you a priority in your life?

See you on the mat,



  1. My morning reading made a point you make here: many people go to yoga to heal a pain & we wont see them in the studio until they’ve decided to be done with the pain.

  2. So true Elizabeth! When I came to yoga I had no idea of how my body really was feeling on a day to day basis. After practicing everyday, you realize you are in such a better place; physically, mentally and spiritually, you just want to keep on practicing. But you have to start practicing!

  3. Great post. It is so very important to take care of yourself so you can take care of others. Plus your post brought back memories. Once I was old enough to drive my mom sent me to the grocery. I loved the freedom and responsibility. She loved passing off something for a few moments of time for herself, which rarely exists when your a single working mom with kids. Almost 20 years later I still enjoy grocery shopping?

  4. I have missed you & yoga, Paula!
    I had a bad fall in September & had not gone to classes since after injuring my right arm. I am coming tomorrow at 5p class to give it a try again.

  5. Donna
    So sorry to hear that 🙁 I think of you and Jenny often, and hope you are well. I am coming at 5 as well today!! Hope to see you there! Love and peace, Paula

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