Being all you can be

One of the best benefits of yoga is removing the obstacles that allow you to be your best self.  Say, in your yoga practice, you have been practicing hip openers, such as pigeon, and one day, you allow yourself to go very deep.  Later on that week, you realize that you have not been very supportive  to your neighbor, who is currently going through a rough time.  The deep emotional layers of the body were released, and you found yourself with a mind that is more open, flexible, and receptive to others needs and wants.   You bring her over some flowers and food, just letting her know you are thinking of her.

Lets say, you step out of your comfort zone, and try a BAT yoga class.  You realize before hand, that your quite scared of hanging upside down in a hammock.  Despite these inner thoughts, you go, and the teacher safely guides you, and low and behold, your hanging upside down!!   Later on that month, you finally make the decision to quit your current job, that you dislike, and pursue your dream job.  You realize that tackling your fear over hanging upside down allowed you to finally tackle that which makes you unhappy (your job).

And….finally, that arm balance you have been working on for the past year finally happens today.  This will give you the confidence to help others, to make bold choices in your life, and to pursue your dreams.  This is exactly how yoga works.  All of us yoga teachers at Anahata believe this in our own hearts, and we are here to help you achieve whatever your dreams are.

Dreams are within reach!!


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