Be your Valentine

One of the very best gifts I’ve ever given myself is the gift of yoga practice.  The treasures I’ve received are worth more than gold.  Here are just some of my favorite gifts…….

Time:  I was a busy mom of 3, and still am busy.  The time spent on my mat was time away from doing, worrying, de-stressing, and letting myself process my day.  This was my time, and I’m worth it!

Working on myself:  I also really enjoy a challenge.  My yoga practice has challenged every part:  mental, physical, spiritual.  I find myself more easily able to face the difficulties of life, because of a challenging yoga practice.

Listening to my Body:  Before yoga I just bulldozed through my day, ignoring the signals my body was trying to get through.  Your body pays attention to you. It thinks you’re important!  I used to hit the mute button and just go through my day.  Through my practice, I turn this “ON” every time.  Yoga turns the volume up on listening to your body.

Love:  This is one of the best gifts of yoga practice.  Self-Love is the answer for becoming successful and working towards our goals. Self-Love is the motivation we need to cultivate to try harder with our relationships and self-betterment. Self-Love will actually take us where we want to go in life. I think Self-Love may be the answer for halting Anxiety and Depression (which seem a lot more prevalent nowadays) before they begin.  Through my yoga practice I find out, I’m ok. in fact, I’m pretty good, and I love to be with me. 🙂

Before yoga, I don’t think I liked to be with me.  That when things became quiet, with no distractions, I was not ok being by myself.  Now a days, I can’t wait to be with me.  I love to be with me, sitting quietly and it’s just the “Paula show”.  There is a beauty underneath it all, and a deep quiet, and such a sense of ease and comfort.  So as we approach Valentine’s day, and you show someone your love, why not show yourself love even more.  The people around you will admire that, and love you even more.

See you on the mat,



  1. Paula,

    Who wrote the quote above, love it!

  2. Suzanne,
    Her name is Lori Deschene, and she wrote Tiny Buddha’s Gratitude Journal. More articles can be found here.
    I’m going to check it our myself! Thanks for asking! Namaste, Paula

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