Be free of fear

Be free of fear

Teaching aerial hammock classes has taught me about the emotion fear.  In today’s society, the fight-or-flight response is triggered over and over and becomes chronic condition, tightening the very muscles we use to run away, the hip flexors.  The hip flexors are at the junction of the hip crease, and literally join our legs to our pelvis.  In olden days, this reflex served us well; meaning when we saw a predator, the hip flexors would tighten, and help us run away.  Now a days, we sit in office chairs or cars all day, already making these muscles tight, and we are stressed; deadlines to overcome, managing work, family, and home life.  Before we know it, unhappiness sets in to our heart, and lower back.

There is a very simple solution to low back pain.  Aerial Hammock.  The very reason I LOVE hammock is the fabric rests right in that hip crease, releasing those muscles back to their natural state.  Often that area is so tight that clients need a blanket to cushion their weight.  People have asked me point blank, “How do I release those muscles?”.  Here is my answer……..

  • Practice yoga, practice aerial hammock yoga
  • Joyfully spend time with your family;  they’re the only one you’ve got!
  • Get a job you love, do what you love
  • Forgive anyone who slights you, make all people your friends.
  • Give, give, give and practice gratitude.

The other questions I get asked, is, “Who can practice aerial hammock”, or “Am I too old to do this?”  Anyone can practice this, although picking the right class to meet your needs is something you need to discuss with me or your teacher.  The benefits are simply amazing.  In fact, someone called yesterday, and said their doctor recommended aerial hammock yoga for inversions.  WOW, I’m super stoked about this.  Finally the medical field is slowly coming around to the benefits of yoga.  What’s next?  Health Insurance deductions for yoga!!  Companies are already do this for many healing modalities, that were once considered “new age”.

The good news, is once you release those hidden fears, JOY is what is left.

That is what the world needs now……  More JOY!

See you upside down in the hammock,


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