Be free, be LOVE.

When I first came to yoga, I didn’t know what it was, or anything about it.  What I did know, is that I liked it.  I liked the way I felt afterwards.  You could say, I “fell” into it.  The more yoga I did, the better I felt.  When a persistent hip pain preventing me from running, I took the only path available at that time.  I was going to become a yoga teacher.  I was naive as they came.  I thought I was going to learn about the asanas, or postures, and I did, but along the way my teacher opened me up to a whole new world.   A world where I learned how to really be healthy.  A world that was free of judgements, pain, and criticizing.  Those thoughts were in my head, not in the way others saw me.  I was accepted, no matter what I was, or who I was.  I was loved, no matter what I was, or who I was in the past.  My teacher looked past my obvious faults, and encouraged the light within me to shine.

I’m not saying that I’ve had a hard life, in fact, I think I’ve had a pretty ordinary life, even average.  There are not deep hidden secrets in my family, that in any way I’m ashamed about.  But I do think that all of us carry hidden facts about us around, hiding the truth from others.  We fear, that if we were to really “show” ourselves to others, we would be judged, shunned.  The practice of yoga strips these away from us, at times leaving us feel as bare as walking around naked.  But have you ever gone skinny dipping?  Let me tell you, it’s freeing; a really liberating experience.

This is how we all should live.  Free.  Loving and accepting others without condemnation, guilt or being ashamed of who we are, or what we’ve done in the past.  The past is just for us to learn from.  The future we are creating, and the present is the gift.  With the practice of yoga, I see myself as I really am.  I am loved.  I am free.  And let me tell you, If I can just help someone else find that light within them, I’m done.  If I can make someone feel half as good as I do, then I’m done.

See you on the mat,



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