BE Calm, Carry On

Did you know each year close to 20% of us suffer with anxiety or depression?  Still, when you go to the doctor, most of them prescribe meds.  Like many other drugs, the medication for these disorders come with a whole host of side effects, which are sometimes, more terrible than feeling anxious.  However, the tide is turning, some doctors are recommending yoga.  Any type of yoga, which includes mindful movement, linking the breath with the asanas can literally turn your crappy into happy.

How exactly does yoga work?   When you work out, your body goes on auto pilot and just “runs”.  Yoga makes us pay attention to what our foot is doing, how our hips feel, and what is going inside our head.  Most of these thoughts about the future are worries that will never happen.  By focusing our mind on the present moment, the present breath, we find our center where the thoughts of the future can slowly disappear.  As the yoga begins to work in our bodies, is slowly changes our thoughts from fears/worries, to happily present today.

I’m super excited about the future at Anahata Yoga Center.  Yesterday, I was in a meeting with a therapist, and we were discussing bringing a program to the studio just for anxiety and depression.  Look for that to come out after the beginning of the year.  On the 22nd of this month, I start a new class called Yoga for 1st responders.  Firefighters, police, EMT, are doing amazing jobs in our communities, taking care of all of us.  This brings a high level of stress to these important people.

Yoga only needs to be experienced to be felt.  After class, I love the way I’m feeling.  Peaceful, Calm, yet energized, ready for the day.  It’s who we are called to be everyday.

See you on the mat,



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