Balanced Effort

Balanced Effort

Do you know that feeling after you’ve completed an accomplishment?  That is what is said about yoga;  “Yoga practice brings on a feeling of well being that lasts”. (Yoga Sutra’s chapter 2, vs. 46.)  Yoga is done with a balanced effort of work and relaxation.  So the sutras’ don’t come out and say, Yoga will heal you of everything you have…..but people have used yoga to heal themselves of cancer, and all sorts of ailments.  How can we explain this?  Well, I believe that before any disease makes it’s self known in the body, it has been there lifetimes.  When the circumstances in the body are right, through internal and external stimuli, the body “turns” on that disease.  Therefore, how can we remain healthy well into our old age?   With the practice of yoga, of course!

I will say that a daily yoga practice is an uphill climb on a mountain to get started.  However, when you get established in your routine, it becomes easy to maintain, quite like brushing your teeth.  It becomes something you do.  In the beginning, you practice on faith and zeal.  Eventually, you might notice different things, such as not getting the latest cold/flu/virus  that everyone is sharing.  You notice you have more energy, because you sleep better at night.  Sex is better.  Eating is better, as you also gravitate towards more nutrient dense foods.   This feeling is super subtle.  The kind of subtle where you wake up, and get lots done, or wake up and have a “meh” day.  Eventually, with daily yoga practice, you have more of those days where you get lots done, and less days of feeling low.  The tides in your body start to change.

They also mention that yoga practice should be “steady and comfortable”, or others say, through a balanced effort of work and relaxation.  That means it is great to try different classes.  One day, do a vinyasa class, or heated class that challenges you, the next day, try a yin yoga practice, or a slow flow.  Your body will respond to this approach very well.

This I can promise you.  That the practice of yoga builds and builds upon itself, bringing on a feeling of well being that lasts.  How quickly will that happen?  It does not say.  How long will that feeling last?  They do not say.  Go ahead, and ask your favorite teacher what the practice has brought them, or better yet, come and practice it yourself.  Yoga will heal you.

See you on the mat,


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  1. I am seeing evidence along these lines.

    I am doing more housework and keeping to my daily routines better. These routines are less work now and more of a “manifestation” of work. Less “ugh–I gotta do this thing”, and more just gliding through doing the dishes, or laundry etc.

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