As Gardeners

One of my favorite sutra’s (threads of yoga knowledge written by the sage, Patanjali) is this:   “We must become as Gardeners”.   In order for people to understand how yoga works, he used the concept of seeds.  When you plant good seeds, you sow good things.  When you plant weeds, you harvest weeds.  So, as we go about our day, “we must become as Gardeners”, and plant good seeds.

Mostly, we are concerned with ourselves, or family.  A lot of time is revolved thinking about ourselves.  How we feel, how we look, how others feel about us, etc. etc.  But, say, we enroll in yoga teacher training.  And yes, I did yoga teacher training primarily for myself.  But, something begins to shift when we start to teach others.  The yoga began to make me feel good, and that wasn’t enough for me.  I wanted others to feel as good as I did with the yoga.  I found I really enjoyed when others left feeling as good as I.

Slowly, but surely, the yoga asana begins to reduce the “I” of the ego, into care for others.  This is how I begin my day.  I took steps to make others have a wonderful day.  You see, this is not rocket science.  Go out, and do something good for others, and report back to me, how you feel.  Everyone would say, well, “I feel pretty terrific when I do something for others.”  And that is how yoga works…

Some additional notes…..Say, you really get good at gardening, and planting some good seeds.  There are some other things that can affect how good of a seed is, that you planted.  So, we all know honey suckle bushes do not live long, but oak trees can live hundreds of years.  We want to plant good seeds that will last as long as an oak tree.  We should know that it’s important we do two things as we are planting the good seed.  First, we use joy.  The good seed will wear out if we begrudgingly do something for others.  We must use joy.  The second thing is that we must concentrate what we are doing, at the time of the seed getting planted.  This is a fundamental concept of how yoga works.

So, come to yoga for yourself.  See for yourself how yoga works for migraines, or helps get rid of hip pain, or helps you loose weight, or gets rid of your back pain.  Do it consistently.  Over a long time.  See the results for yourself.  Then start planting.  Plant as much as you can, everyday.

See you on the mat,


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