Aerial Yoga Teacher Training 2020

Nov. 16-20th    4 pm to 9 pm

Anahata Yoga Center, a forerunner in the aerial Yoga Arts in Ohio

Anahata Yoga Center offers the most comprehensive Aerial Yoga Teacher Training Program in Ohio. Our Aerial Yoga Teacher Training provides each applicant with the Lever 1 foundation to teach skillfully with compassion, safety, and integrity, while honoring his or her individual voice and style.


Have you ever wanted to fly?

Have you ever wanted better access to your body, using a method that frees you from the normal constraints of gravity?   Do you want to revisit the freedom of childhood with no worries, clear minds, and being upside down?  Do you find it difficult to “feel” yoga stretches in your body?    This is the practice for you.  Inspire others to make positive changes in their lives.   Pursue a yoga practice that is both calming and adventurous at the same time.  If you’re ready to take your practice, or teaching to new heights, Aerial Yoga is for you.

Your aerial yoga teacher training will be comprehensive in learning to teach this exciting new modality.

Subjects of this 25 hour Teacher Training will include:   Topics Include:

  • standing postures (on the floor and in the silk),
  • suspended inversions, hand stands, back bends, forward bends,
  • hip-openers, seated postures, and restoratives.
  • Opening warm-ups
  • Creative sequencing and linking postures
  • Inventive transitions
  • How to ‘read’ your students
  • Hands on adjustments and safety concerns
  • Contradictions to practicing inversions
  • Inversions-inversions-inversions
  • Restorative and yin postures in the hammock
  • Conditioning (strengthening for upper body and core)
  • The benefits of practicing with silks
  • Practice-practice-practice teaching
  • Safety techniques for rigging


Fees (books are included)

$100.00 Application/Registration fee

25 aerial yoga teacher training application

100.00 Deposit/registration fee to save your spot in November

Cost  is $650.00. cash /check. or

if paying with CC price is 700.00

11 spots are available.  No cancellations or refunds or transferable to others.

  Training Dates 2020:  Monday thru Friday, Nov. 16, 17, 18, 19, 20  from 4 pm to 9 pm



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