The Power of One


It’s easy to think that one person can’t make a difference in a world of population around 7.5 billion, but that is not true.  It might take one person longer to be heard, or to get things done by themselves, but they will make a difference.  Every action we do changes and shapes our future, and even the future of our children, and their children.  This post is about one person;  showing up, being persistent, and going above and beyond in their line of work.  Hint:  It’s your yoga teacher!!

There is a nice park I like to visit.  Kellys nature preserve is by the Little Miami River.  The only problem with this park has been the other people who go there as well.  When you pull into the small parking lot, there used to be lots of other men, just sitting in their cars.  I kind of got the impression that they were up to no good.  One day I saw a sheriff’s car in the lot, and came across an officer walking the park.  I mentioned that I was glad to see her here, because I thought there were some drug deals going down, or something illegal.  She said, that’s why I’m here, to clean up this park…..the guys in their cars were looking for a pickle.  Seeing my puzzled impression on my face, I ask her, “What are you talking about, looking for a pickle?”  So if you are wondering as well, just stop me next time and ask me;  I won’t explain further here, but yes, they were doing something underhanded, (LOL) and I will leave it at that.

So, this officer came every day she worked.  She saw a vision for this park.  She saw well groomed trails, lots of dogs running about, and kayakers enjoying the river.  She literally chased those guys out of the park, and while she was surveying the trails, seeking out illegal pickle activity, she started clearing out the honeysuckle and other species taking over the big trees that are indigenous to this area.  It took years, of persistent work, but the guys left, and the people with dogs came along with the kayakers and floaters for the river.  Dogs came up and gave her kisses, of course for a treat.  It took a while, but she changed that park.

Which leads me back to yoga, and sitting at my desk yesterday, crying at the overwhelming help I am receiving.  You see, times are tough for businesses everywhere these days.    Anahata will get through this tough time, and be stronger than ever before.  I’ve always known that, and when I created the studio, and worked on the mission statement, it all surrounds the energy of the heart.   Anahata is the Sanskrit word for your heart chakra, a spinning energy center in the middle of your chest.  When it’s open, you are loving, kind, forgiving of yourself and others, and passionate about what you do.  “We Love to Teach Yoga!” is on our brochures, and our teachers exemplify this fact by loving to teach yoga.  It took a while, but I have succeeded in teaching and training others to teach yoga, and they love what they do!

Our amazing wonderful teachers show up for you, in part, they love yoga, and love the practice, and love to share their knowledge with you.  It is a joy, and an act of love.  However, our current financial situation is not that great.  In good faith, I wrote all my staff a letter saying, I cannot afford to pay your salary at the end of August, and if you would like to keep your class going, it would have to be free teaching, or karma yoga, or I would have cancel the class.  Almost all the teachers responded in kind with a hearty YES!  It truly takes a village to run a business, and a lot of talented teachers and staff working together, creating the vision that you saw in the beginning.  Most of our members have kept their membership going, but yoga studios run with very tight margins, so we depend of drop in’s, workshops and other services to keep us afloat.

Anahata will survive this pandemic, and come out with teachers who show up.  They show up rain or shine, with boot’s on their feet, (bunion surgery) and a cheery smile on their face.  They show up the day their dog died, or when they are having a bad day themselves; bringing essential oils and using their yoga skills to open you up.  They show up because they know how yoga makes them feel, and they love you for showing up as well, and want you to feel the same.  Next time you are in class, or watching live stream, take the time to thank them.  Appreciate the job (now for free) they are doing!  Tell them how much they make a difference in your life.

This is how yoga has survived.  The people who seek a better way, find it, and want to share it with others.  It’s too good to keep to yourself.





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