Karma in Action

You can think of our actions as karma, or seeds that we plant.  We want a healthy body, a good life, free from distress.  But right now, our past, present and future actions dictate how our future will be. We are creating our future, one action at a time.  Our yoga practice can help us plant good karma, and good seeds.  Let me explain.

The deeper you go inside your body with your yoga poses helps you to refine your actions….Most of the time, unknowingly, we ACT, and then pay for the repercussions after the fact.  Finding the intelligence of the body through the asana practice helps to make good solid actions, ones that the yogi’s say are “seedless”.  For example, you practice the pose triangle or utthitha trickonasana.  Most of us can and do, jam the front leg knee cap back, thinking most of the stretch should be felt in the front leg hamstring.  But doing this action over a period of time overstretches the ligaments at the back of the knee, and can harm the knee.  We must learn to lift the muscles of the kneecap, engaging the quadriceps to direct the stretch in the side of the body.  Then we feel a tremendous release in the sides at the lower back, sides of hip.

The same is true of our actions off the mat.  If you complain about something, and do it over and over again, you will find yourself complaining more and more as you age, until you reach a point, where you are unhappy about complaining and of life in general. Going deep inside our triangle pose helps us to get inside of the part of us that is unhappy, the part that complains.  Over time, complaining starts to dwindle down, until it’s a whisper, and then goes silent.  I’m sure you would agree with me, that you like to be around people who are happy, and don’t complain…Here are some actions to think about how we are living our lives…..


Future Seed Bad Karma/seed Good Karma/seed
We want a loving partner Pointing out their mistakes Helping your partner succeed in life
Free from worry about money Not change our spending habits Learn how to invest, save and prepare for future
Healthy Body Stress over problems, work Begin a yoga practice to help you de-stress
Good friends to spend time with Think about ourselves all the time Call friends, especially when you know they are in a difficult situation
Want to be wise Run through life, not stopping to examine our actions Learn to meditate, and stick to a practice
Be beautiful Worry, stress Hang upside down, meditate, find peace
Want great kids Repeat bad patterns of parent/child relationships Extend forgiveness,  remembering when you messed up, helps you to forgive the ones you love.

By refining our actions on the mat through our yoga asana, it will bridge the gap, and help you refine your actions off the mat, to become a better person.  This is one of the best reasons to practice yoga.  To save ourselves from future harm, sickness and disease.

See you on the mat,




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