Highly Successful Yogi’s

One of the most important ways yoga works is when you are consistent.  Yoga does not work going once a month, everyday, then the next month you stop.  Yoga works when we become disciplined to the practice.  We set our goals, show up, do the practice and come back the next day.  Hard work always pays off, and when you understand how great you feel after consistently practicing yoga, many people continue to do the yoga practice.

Sometimes the yoga is difficult.  Anything hard won is.  You encounter an issue with pain, or a problem with your schedule, and you stop practicing.  Yoga does not work like this.   Yes, I believe when you hit a bump in the road, you need to change tactics.  Go to a different teacher, or try a different class.

When you google traits of highly successful people, consistently is high up on the list, if not number one.  Yoga can be all movement, or stillness listening to the breath.  No one type of yoga is the best.  We have to be flexible in our approach.  When our schedule does not allow us to continue with our favorite teacher, we need to find another teacher.  When vinyasa yoga slows down our progress, we should try a yin or restorative class.  Yoga practice teaches us resilience and patience.  “Fall down seven times, Get up eight times.”, Japanese proverb.

One more thing……Let go of your expectations.  If you think yoga will work on you if you practice everyday for a month, you do, only to realize it’s going to take longer.  People who have been practicing yoga for years know this.  The body, mind, thoughts, actions are always changing.  To expect to have the same progress as we did a year ago, is not realistic, and this type of thinking sets us up for failure.

So, this is how yoga works.  Step on your mat.  Practice everyday or consistently.  Let go of judgements or expectations.  Practice.  You know what I say?  “It’s called yoga practice for a reason, not yoga perfect.”

See you on the mat,


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  1. Paula, thank you for this post. Its very inspiring.

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