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One of the very best things about Anahata yoga center is our teachers.  Each one of our 21 teachers has a unique style, a special way they share yoga, that helps you to understand how to approach the practice.  Their own teachers, their own yoga practice, and the very body they live in have a direct impact on how they teach.  Not many yoga schools have such a widely diverse teaching staff.  Depending on what you need from your yoga practice, I’m sure you can find a “like or similar” teacher to fit your body.  Here are some of the unique styles we have……..

  • gentle movements that guide you towards bliss
  • restorative yoga with oils that affect your mind, body and state of being
  • funny classes, that leave you with a smile on your face
  • energizing flows that put the pep back into your step
  • upside down classes that have both a calming, and energizing affect on your body
  • classes that fill you up on the inside, ready to tackle anything!
  • we have teachers who let you be, and find your best posture
  • teachers who will tear you down, and build you back up
  • teachers who correct every posture

You see, not one approach is the very best for yoga.  One teacher could not do all of this alone.  That is why we need such a diverse teaching staff, and I do believe that they are the very best in the Cinci/Dayton area.  So whether or not you are coming to “Zen” out, or need to just smile, and forget about your day, you will find it here in our classes.  Pick and choose, expand your horizon, and find new teachers you don’t know. Being flexible in the body and mind; now that’s good yoga!!

See you on the mat,


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