Do you know that things, events come to you in perfect order, right as they should, for either us to learn, use, and grow from?  I believe this to be true.  That God loves us so much that he orchestrates people, things, events in our lives, so that we grow closer to him.  It is no mistake when you walk through the doors at Anahata Yoga Center.  I know something directed you here, quite possibly in my class.  I know you might have something to teach me, and I might have something to teach you.  In other words, our meeting is no coincidence.

That brings me to this story.  Meet Ollie.  Last Friday, my husband and I went to the pound and picked out a 3 year old male Chihuahua mix.  Nothing much is known about Ollie.  He was a stray (un-neutered) that had been picked up by the dog catcher.  At the pound, Ollie put on his best face.  “Please, please, take me home.  I am good, I just need a 2nd chance”.  How could we say no?  Well, the story of Ollie’s life began to unfold at our house.  It seemed liked Ollie had been trained, somewhat.  He walked into his crate, knew how to roll over, and perform some simple commands.  However, he was a basket case.  He cried, growled, and even bit us.  We did not want a anxious, nervous dog that bites.  However, we knew the implications of returning him to the pound.  I called our vet, and he agreed to look him over, and give us his personal recommendation if Ollie could be trained to be a good pet.  He fooled the vet techs with his grinning face, and wagging tail, but the vet put him through the paces, and observed him.

The vet seemed like him knew his type right away.  Ollie had been getting his way in life.  (I’m sure the testosterone raging through him did not help matters!)   I guess Chihuahua’s have a big ego, and believe themselves to be bigger than they are.  They must been consistently trained, with calm effective leaders.  So, I really began to do some research online.  Some Chihuahua’s have even been bred to be angry little dogs.  This required us to step up our game of being the “alpha dog”.   I believe in time, Ollie will make a very good, loyal companion in our family.

This got me to thinking about the recent shootings, and the wrongs of this world, and even in my life.  Can I change myself to be more compassionate, more loving, less judging?  By the physical practice of yoga asanas, this does this very thing.  Can I be more willing to forgive a trespass against me?  I believe every being, (including living creatures) can have the capacity to let go and love more.  Swami Satchidananda said that when we are truly loving everyone, even a lion will come up and sit by you.  This practice changes you.  Before yoga, I might have written Ollie off.  The yoga asana helps us see us as we really are;  a body of light.  The asana also shows us our weaknesses, failures can be transformed into strength, resilience, and steadiness.  Even when we fail, or fall, we have the grace of tomorrow, and begin to practice all over again, and the yoga will work.  Over time, with diligence, patience, the yoga will open our bodies and our hearts.

This is a way to stop hatred in our world.   When we choose to love ourselves even in the midst of failing;  we practice yoga.  When we choose to love others even though they have failed; we practice yoga.  Yoga can change this world, but it must start with you.  Practice, and see for yourself.

See you on the mat,


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